Mimas Menu



Medium size Beef doner4,69 lv
Large size Beef doner5,99 lv
Medium size Chicken doner3,59 lv
Large size Chicken doner4,29 lv
Mimas specialty
6,99 lv


Spicy Sudzhu4,09 lv
Shish tawook
(chicken bon-fillet)
4,59 lv
Sandwiches kobe3,99 lv
(beef bon-fillet)
- lv
Medium size Falafel sandwich2,49 lv
Large size Falafel sandwich2,89 lv


Beef hamburger4.29 lv
Beef burger with egg and cheese5,29 lv
Beef burger with egg4,80 lv
Beef burger with cheese4,90 lv
Chicken burger3,99 lv
Chicken burger egg and cheese5,09 lv
Chicken burger with egg4,59 lv
Chicken burger with cheese4,79 lv
Additive egg0,69 lv
Additive cheese0,69 lv
Vegetarian burger with egg and cheese3,29 lv
Vegetarian burger with egg2,79 lv
Vegetarian burger with cheese2,89 lv
Burger with beef Doner meat5,89 lv
Burger with chicken meat Doner 4,29 lv
5 pieces falafel1,89 lv

Main dishes

Serving beef doner12,39 lv
Serving sudzhu- lv
Serving chicken doner 9,69 lv
Serving spit Tauk10,49 lv
Serving falafel (10 pcs + garnish)5,69 lv
Serving chicken doner Arabic- lv
Serving veal doner Arabic- lv
Specialty portion Mimas
beef + chicken
13,39 lv


French fries2,19 lv
Fries with ketchup and mayonnaise2,99 lv
Potatoes with ketchup2,49 lv
Potatoes with mayonnaise2,69 lv
Chicken bon-fillet (breaded)- lv/piece


Arab Tarator
yogurt, cucumber, mint
(250 g)
2,70 lv.
Baba ganush
eggplant, parsley, tomatoes, olive oil, salt
(250 g)
2,70 lv.
whole grains, chickpeas, tomato, parsley, lemon juice, salt, olive oil
(250 g)
2,70 lv.
Eggplant Eggplant
roasted eggplant, yogurt, tahini, sehtin salt
(250 g)
2,70 lv.
ground chickpeas, tahini, lemon
(250 g)
3,00 lv.
Humus with garlic and olive oil
ground chickpeas, olive oil, garlic
(250 g)
3,00 lv.
parsley, bulgur, lemon, olive oil, salt
(250 g)
3,00 lv.
(250 g)
3,00 lv.

Soft drinks

Ayran - Opitsvet, Balkan1,00 lv
Ken - Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Cherry Cola
1,30 lv
Cola, Fanta, Sprite
(500 ml.)
1,50 lv
Mineral water / big /
1,00 lv
Mineral water / small /
(500 ml.)
0,80 lv
Cappy juice through a straw
(250 ml.)
1,00 lv
Cappy juice pulp
(250 ml.)
1,40 lv
Ken juice with pieces of fruit (Frufarm)
(250 ml.)
1,30 lv
Iced tea Nest
(500 ml.)
1,60 lv
Great ayran
500 ml
1,30 lv


Lentil soup1,50 lv
Spicy chicken1,50 lv/100 g
Chicken with cream sauce1,50 lv/100 g
Beef with vegetables1,50 lv/100 g
Spaghetti with beef
(type Bolognese)
1,30 lv/100 g
Desserts: Baklava (large);2,00 lv/piece
Baklava with pistachios or walnuts0,80 lv/piece
Maslenki0,50 lv/piece
Rice pudding with pistachios2,00 lv/piece